'Woodridge' Live Edge Walnut Console Table // "Waterfall" Sides and Drawer Fronts // Live Edge Shelf // Steel "H" Base

'Woodridge' Live Edge Walnut Console Table // "Waterfall" Sides and Drawer Fronts // Live Edge Shelf // Steel "H" Base

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All of our designs are made-to-order. Please contact us prior to purchase to discuss custom order details at contact@mezworks.com.

S U M M A R Y //

This console table was made from a single black walnut slab that we cut strategically as to be able to utilize nearly the entire slab with almost no excess leftover. The grain patterns are continuous and flow seamlessly from each component to the next, including the sides and back as well as the the live edge that "waterfalls" over the front of the console to create the drawer fronts. We paired the top with a steel "H" base for a contemporary and edgy look, also adding a bottom live edge shelf. For the drawers, we used maple for the interior and soft closure drawer glides.

PLEASE NOTE ~ To offer this design at reduced pricing, we have modified the "case" of the drawer using dimensional walnut lumber. Color and grain character may have slight variances with the slab walnut we use for the live edge drawer front and lower shelf. Pricing outlined below reflects the design modifications on future orders.

S H I P P I N G //

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D E L I V E R Y //

Some orders within California or Northern NV qualify for personal delivery and installation. Please send zip code for delivery costs to your area.

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D I M E N S I O N S   //

XSMALL  |  up to 54"L x 12" - 14"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $1890
XSM WIDE  |  up to 54"L x 16" - 24"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2090

SMALL  |  up to 60"L x 12" - 14"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2190
SML WIDE  |  up to 60"L x 16" - 24"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2390

MEDIUM  |  up to 72"L x 12" - 14"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2490
MED WIDE  |  up to 72"L x 16" - 24"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2690

LARGE  |  up to 84"L x 12" - 16"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2790
LRG WIDE  |  up to 84"L x 18" - 24"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $2990

XLARGE  |  up to 96"L x 12" - 16"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $3090
XL WIDE  |  up to 96"L x 18" - 24"W x 28" - 32"H  |  starting at $3290

W O O D   F I N I S H   //

ECO-FRIENDLY HARDWAX OIL FINISH    |  Our preferred finishing method and product, made from environmentally-friendly components for eco-conscious customers. Osmo Polyx Oil is derived from natural plant oils and waxes, providing a hard-wearing and protective surface that is resistant to common liquid spills. The finish maintains the natural look and feel of the wood, all while offering protection and durability. One major advantage of hardwax oil is that it’s incredibly easy to repair/maintain, and in the event that minor signs of use occur the finish can be spot repaired with no overlap marks. With Osmo's maintenance liquid wax cleaner it's simple and quick to bring the finish "back to life" (products can be found here: Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner and here: Osmo Hardwax Oil Finish). To avoid minor signs of use, we recommend using coasters under serveware containing hot or cold liquids as well as cleaning up spills so as to not leave any moisture to set in over long periods that can cause spots or rings to occur to maintain the condition of the wood. We are ever-committed to reducing the amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) we emit during our production process for environmentally conscious reasons, and are also trying to reduce the amount of toxins that our crew is exposed to for health safety precautions. Additionally, the hardwax-oil is a rub-on application (vs. other harsher methods such as spray-on which causes the finish to become airborne), and can be continuously DIY applied to refresh the wood on your table.
COST | $0 (included in pricing)

Please note, with ANY finish, taking certain protective precautions will reduce the risk of causing damage to the finish/wood. Here is a link to some suggestions/guidelines that will help maintain the longevity of your table's finish: http://www.mezworks.com/care/

S T E E L   F I N I S H   O P T I O N S   //

1.  CLEAR POWDER-COAT  |  This will preserve the natural color of the steel, but will protect it from staining and rusting and requires no upkeep. The steel is ground and polished and will remain natural and bright. 
COST  |  $0  (included in pricing)

2.  COLOR POWDER-COAT  |  Powder-coating would allow us to achieve just about any color, matte or glossy. If you are unfamiliar with powder-coating, it is a free-flowing dry powder that is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a hard finish that it tougher than conventional paint. It's used mainly for coating auto parts, bike parts and outdoor furniture which require super durable and water resistant finishes. Colors are limitless, but typically our clients prefer a simple black powder-coat. We can arrange to have the legs professionally powder-coated by a pro steel shop in our neighborhood, who charges accordingly for different dimensions.
COST | $0 (included in pricing)
*Some special order colors will require an upgrade cost*

3.  BLACK MAGIC PATINA + CLEAR POWDER-COAT  |  *AS PICTURED IN LISTING PHOTOS*  |  This finish is going to give off a more industrial look, bringing the color of the legs to a deeper/darker grey. Several hand-rubbed coats are applied to the steel legs, allowing drying times between and repeating the application several times until the desired color is reached. This process combines the patina and clear coat for maintenance-free durability.