Winter 'Solstice' Solid Walnut Dining Table // "Floating" Wide-Set Ebonized Walnut Trapezoid Legs

Winter 'Solstice' Solid Walnut Dining Table // "Floating" Wide-Set Ebonized Walnut Trapezoid Legs

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S U M M A R Y //

This solid wood 'Solstice' table is composed entirely of walnut. The tabletop sits atop two wide-set trapezoid legs with a 1/4" gap left between the top and base to give a "floating" illusion. A 5° bevel softens the edges of the tabletop to match the degree of the angled legs. To add contrast the walnut legs are treated with an "ebonized" solution to deepen the color while still maintaining the same grain texture throughout the table. The 'Solstice' table is completely customizable offering a variety of dimensions, different wood types and color treatments, and the design can also accommodate leaf extensions.

Project collaboration with Ryan Group Architects located in Truckee, CA.

Click HERE to view our Summer ‘Solstice’ table.

S H I P P I N G //

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D E L I V E R Y //

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D I M E N S I O N S   //

SML/MED  |  up to 60"L x 30" - 32"W x 29.5”H  |  $2490
SML/MED WIDE  |  up to 60”L x 34" - 38"W x 29.5”H  |  $2690

MEDIUM  |  up to 72"L x 30" - 34"W x 29.5”H  |  $2890
MEDIUM WIDE  |  up to 72"L x 36" - 42"W x 29.5"H  |  $3090

MED/LRG  |  up to 84"L x 36" - 38"W x 29.5”H  |  $3290
MED/LRG WIDE  |  up to 84"L x 40" - 44"W x 29.5"H  |  $3490

LARGE  |  up to 96"L x 36" - 38"W x 29.5”H  |  $3690
LRG WIDE  |  up to 96”L x 40" - 44"W x 29.5”H  |  $3790
LRG XWIDE  |  up to 96”L x up to 48"W x 29.5”H  |  $3890

LRG/XL  |  up to 108"L x 36" - 38"W x 29.5”H  |  $3990
LRG/XL WIDE  |  up to 108"L x 40" - 44"W x 29.5”H  |  $4090
LRG/XL XWIDE  |  up to 108"L x up to 48"W x 29.5”H  |  $4190

XLARGE  |  up to 120”L x 36" - 38"W x 29.5”H  |  $4290
XL WIDE  |  up to 120”L x 40" - 44"W x 29.5”H  |  $4390
XL XWIDE  |  up to 120”L x up to 48"W x 29.5”H  |  $4490

*this design can also accommodate leaf extensions - please inquire for pricing*

M A T E R I A L U P G R A D E O P T I O N //

Pricing above reflects the cost for the use of “common” dimensional walnut, which is a more “rustic” looking grade of material with characteristics that include knots, slight traces of sapwood and color variation, and overall more wild in character and grain pattern. The design can also be upgraded to “clear” dimensional walnut, which is a higher grade of FSC-certified lumber with characteristics that include few-to-no knots, minimal sapwood or color variation, and mild/mellow grain patterns. The material is more expensive for us to source than common walnut, added costs are reflected below per size/material.

SMALL | upgrade to “clear” walnut | add +$345

MEDIUM  |  upgrade to “clear” walnut | add +$445

LARGE  |  upgrade to “clear” walnut | add +$545

XLARGE |  upgrade to “clear” walnut | add +$645

W O O D   F I N I S H   O P T I O N S   //

Each wood finish has different durability properties and maintenance requirements. All wood finish options are low-VOC for peace of mind, and durable for everyday use.

1.  ECO-FRIENDLY HARDWAX OIL FINISH    |  Our preferred finishing method and product, made from environmentally-friendly components for eco-conscious customers. Osmo Polyx Oil is derived from natural plant oils and waxes, providing a hard-wearing and protective surface that is resistant to common liquid spills. The finish maintains the natural look and feel of the wood, all while offering protection and durability. One major advantage of hardwax oil is that it’s incredibly easy to repair/maintain, and in the event that minor signs of use occur the finish can be spot repaired with no overlap marks. With Osmo's maintenance liquid wax cleaner it's simple and quick to bring the finish "back to life" (products can be found here: Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner and here: Osmo Hardwax Oil Finish). To avoid minor signs of use, we recommend using coasters under serveware containing hot or cold liquids as well as cleaning up spills so as to not leave any moisture to set in over long periods that can cause spots or rings to occur to maintain the condition of the wood. We are ever-committed to reducing the amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) we emit during our production process for environmentally conscious reasons, and are also trying to reduce the amount of toxins that our crew is exposed to for health safety precautions. Additionally, the hardwax-oil is a rub-on application (vs. other harsher methods such as spray-on which causes the finish to become airborne), and can be continuously DIY applied to refresh the wood on your table.
COST | $0 (included in pricing)

2.  CONVERSION VARNISH  |  This finish offers a nice satin sheen with an exceptional durable ‘film’ finish. In our earlier stages after trying out a dozen different finishes, we decided upon using conversion varnish due to the desired sheen of the finish in conjunction with it's superior durability. It is one of the most durable finishes available, while it's chemical makeup allows for elasticity with seasonal wood movement. However it’s important to note that the finish is difficult to repair in the event that any significant damages occur that exposes bare wood, where the wood would need to be transported to a professional to restore the entire surface. For these reasons, we also offer a more easily DIY-maintained finish, Osmo hardwax oil (outlined above in option 1).

3.  WATER-BASED CONVERSION VARNISH  |  This option is an ultra-low VOC, water-based wood finish that delivers a quality level similar to oil-based coatings, but without the hazards of traditional solvents. A quick-drying finish that’s true to traditional finishing methods while delivering high-performance durability. The finish has a tendency to "soften" the wood color and give a very slight grey undertone effect with a satin sheen, retaining the natural character of the wood grain.

4. *OPTIONAL* | COLORED DYE | We have a variety of wood dyes to change or enhance the natural color of the woods we use. A "darkwash" will bring the color of the wood to a richer, dark brown tone. A "graywash" will give the overall color of the wood a gray overtone. An "ebonizing" treatment will blacken the wood while leaving natural wood undertones. Most of these treatments can be done on white oak, ash or walnut, and must include the conversion varnish finish.

*We can also source a variety of other wood species. Please inquire to for details*

Please note, with ANY finish, taking certain protective precautions will reduce the risk of causing damage to the finish/wood. Here is a link to some suggestions/guidelines that will help maintain the longevity of your table's finish:

C H O O S I N G   T H E   R I G H T   S I Z E   //

For use as a dining or kitchen table, bar or conference table: If you are unsure of the exact dimensions your needs require, please consider the following basic guidelines:

  • Provide each guest 24-30 inches of space at the dining table (chairs range from apprx 16-20" and require at least 6" of space on each side to allow guests to seat comfortably)

  • Add an extra 12 inches at each end for those seated at the head and foot of the table

  • Allow for at least 36 inches between the dining table and any walls or other furniture