'Clocktower Project' Integrated Natural Edge Walnut Dining Table and Bench

'Clocktower Project' Integrated Natural Edge Walnut Dining Table and Bench

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This kitchen island dining table resides in downtown San Francisco in a renovated loft. The live edge slab introduced an organic element to add a contrasting focal point to the open, industrial-modern hi-tech room. A bench was made using a slab from the same tree.

Though countless options were available to use for the dining slab, it was integral that we use a piece with prominent character that would stand up to the surrounding room. The piece chosen provides rich color with golden and deep amber hues, bold grain pattern and a unique shape with wild variation. Some natural holes and cracks were also part of the criteria, leaving some unaltered while others were chosen to fill with a clear epoxy. The kitchen island acts as a platform for the slab to slide into.

Please note, pricing listed is not accurate. There are countless slabs available in different size ranges and the price will reflect the slab chosen for the project. Pricing does not reflect the island cabinetry or stone slab.

Due to the nature of the material and required drying times, there is a minimum of a 6 month wait/processing time for our slab wood dining tables.

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