SALE - 40% OFF // White Oak 'Zeeva' Dining Table or Desk - ONLY 1 LEFT - In Stock & Ready to Ship

SALE - 40% OFF // White Oak 'Zeeva' Dining Table or Desk - ONLY 1 LEFT - In Stock & Ready to Ship

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This item is in stock and ready to ship within 5-7 business days. The discount applies to this stock item only, and does not include shipping or delivery costs.

D E T A I L S //

DIMENSIONS | 78"L x 40"W x 29.5"H
REG. PRICE | $3395
- 40% DISCOUNT | -$1355 off
SALE PRICE | $2040

W O O D   F I N I S H   //

HARDWAX-OIL  |  Osmo Polyx Oil is derived from natural plant oils and waxes, providing a hard-wearing and protective surface that is resistant to water, soda, wine, etc. The finish maintains the natural look and feel of the wood, all while offering protection and durability. All wood finish options are low-VOC for peace of mind, yet durable for everyday use. Please note, with ANY finish, taking certain protective precautions will reduce the risk of causing damage to the finish/wood. Here is a link to some suggestions/guidelines that will help maintain the longevity of your table's finish:

S T E E L   F I N I S H   //

POWDER-COAT FINISH  | Gunmetal Gray | Powder-coating is a free-flowing dry powder that is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a hard finish that it tougher than conventional paint. It's used mainly for coating auto parts, bike parts and outdoor furniture which require super durable and water resistant finishes.

S H I P P I N G -or- D E L I V E R Y //

If the delivery location is outside of CA, please choose one of the shipping options, either ‘Shipping - Flat Rate Basic Delivery’ or the upgrade to ‘Shipping - Flat Rate Deluxe Delivery’. The ‘Basic’ delivery option is an outside/curbside/doorstep delivery while the ‘Deluxe’ delivery option is an inside/room of choice delivery with unpacking, removal/discarding of the crate and packing materials and assembly.

If the delivery location is located within particular areas in Northern CA (please reach out with zip code to see if your area qualifies) than you can choose the ‘Delivery / Northern CA Only (exclusions apply)’ option on the checkout page.

O T H E R O R D E R D E T A I L S //

Before placing an order, please note that this purchase is considered a clearance item and an order cannot be cancelled. The item is in brand new condition with no notable damages. We do not regularly carry stock items and this table was built as a prototype. Please visit our policies page to review general information about stock item orders and guidelines in which we operate here:

*Please inquire to if you are interested in a custom version of this item and we would be happy to outline a quote at your specific project dimensions and finish preferences.*

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