SALE - 20% OFF // 'Insignia' Drop-Leaf Walnut Table or Desk // 'Nakashima' Inspired Steel Base

SALE - 20% OFF // 'Insignia' Drop-Leaf Walnut Table or Desk // 'Nakashima' Inspired Steel Base

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D I M E N S I O N S A N D D E T A I L S //

overall with leaves extended: expands to 72"L x 40"W x 29.5"H
leaves: 72"L x 12"W
main/console/center: folds down to 72"L x 16"W x 29.5"H
seats 6-8 when leaves are extended

S U M M A R Y //

The concept for the 'Insignia' table was motivated by minimalist-modern design and inspiration that arose from an admiration for Nakashima-style trestle bases. With our traditional 'Mez Works' style, we used dimensional walnut with a steel stretcher through the center of the tabletop to trace our 'Zeeva' and ‘Martis’ series tables, and the steel is treated with a ‘black-magic patina’ and clear powder-coat finish for an industrial element. The leaf mechanisms are drop leaf supports that are solidly built, structurally stable and sturdy to eliminate sagging. They lock in place automatically when raised, and are simple and quick to release.

This design is very versatile, and as shown in photos 10-13 the table can be purposed as use for a desk. While folded down, the drop leaf hides a charging outlet that is secured to the base directly under the tabletop, while power is integrated by feeding the cord through the base all the way out through the bottom to a fixed outlet in the floor (this is an optional feature and will require that we modify the table for an upgrade cost). 

W O O D   F I N I S H   //

HARDWAX-OIL  |  Osmo Polyx Oil is derived from natural plant oils and waxes, providing a hard-wearing and protective surface that is resistant to water, soda, wine, etc. The finish maintains the natural look and feel of the wood, all while offering protection and durability. All wood finish options are low-VOC for peace of mind, yet durable for everyday use. Please note, with ANY finish, taking certain protective precautions will reduce the risk of causing damage to the finish/wood. Here is a link to some suggestions/guidelines that will help maintain the longevity of your table's finish:

S T E E L   F I N I S H   //

‘BLACK MAGIC PATINA’ + CLEAR POWDER-COAT | A rich patina is applied to the bare steel with scotch-brite pads to give off a more industrial look, bringing the color of the legs to a deeper/darker grey with an added hand-rubbed "textured" appearance while remaining completely smooth to the touch. We apply multiple coats until the desired color is reached, followed by water to neutralize the chemical reaction. This process combines the patina and clear powder coat for maintenance-free durability.

S H I P P I N G //

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D E L I V E R Y //

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