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Our newest creation featuring a “whitewashed” white oak floating console with soft-closure drawer and staggered lower shelf. The console and shelf are connected to the wall using a sturdy custom french cleat for a secure connection, and the maple drawer is notched inside to fit around the sink and faucet plumbing. This design can be customized in a variety of dimensions and materials.



One of 3 pieces custom designed for a new home in Del Mar CA. The ‘Lookout’ coffee table features a wide-set base with clear-walnut tabletop that “floats” atop the base using 1/4” custom made risers.



Designed with a minimalist Japanese-modern approach to blend with a sleek, modern mountain home nested in Olympic Valley CA. The home centered around a great room built off a large cement wall with steel beams that sprawl out and shape the dwelling. Clean lines, balance and flow were a major focus of this project.

Click the button below to watch a video of the full build process of our ‘Sakamoto’ table:


Winter ‘Solstice’ Table

This solid wood 'Solstice' table is composed entirely of walnut. The tabletop sits atop two wide-set trapezoid legs with a 1/4" gap left between the top and base to give a "floating" illusion. A 5° bevel softens the edges of the tabletop to match the degree of the tapered legs. To add contrast the walnut legs are treated with an "ebonized" solution to deepen the color of the wood while still maintaining the same grain texture throughout the table.

Project collaboration with Ryan Group Architects located in Truckee, CA.