The Insignia Table | Fall 2016

The concept for the 'Insignia' table was motivated by an interest in sleek, minimalist-modern design, with inspiration that arose from an admiration for Nakashima-style trestle bases. With our own 'Mez Works' theme, we used dimensional walnut paired with steel for the base treated with a black-magic patina and clear-coat finish for an industrial element, and added a steel strip through the center of the table to trace our 'Zeeva' series tables. 


Mez Works 2015

A look into our creative process, where our materials are sourced from and the gratitude we have for being able to do what we do. 

Video by long-time local friend Brandon Rein


Fall 2014 // Finish & Shoot

Showcasing a table built in Fall 2014 for a client in Dallas, Texas.

Video by ripping skater and filmer buddy Taylor Morgan


Tabletop Leg Channels

The process of the leg channels that every table with a steel base receives. 1/4" channels are routed in using templates per base, leaving 1/8" on each side of the steel for wood movement. Brass inserts are then epoxied into the wood for a strong connection, and ease of assembly. 

Video by Brother, Collin West. Music by Brother, Chase Gomez aka Tactik