'Lookout' Straight-Cut Walnut Slab Dining Table // Solid Steel 'Floating' Base


'Lookout' Straight-Cut Walnut Slab Dining Table // Solid Steel 'Floating' Base

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Available for custom orders only - Exact piece not available. Sizes, pricing and lead times will vary. Please contact us prior to purchase to discuss custom order details at contact@mezworks.com.

S U M M A R Y   //

Project collaboration with Ryan Group Architects located in Truckee, CA.

This was a custom design built for a client residing in the North Lake Tahoe Area. Collaborating with the designer to acquire a truly one of a kind piece for this family home, we used elements and features from various other tables we have built in the past. This design included our "Photonics" floating base with a single slab of black walnut for an overall table measurement about 12 feet in length x 42" wide. The room in which the table was intended for commanded a bold statement piece that didn't compete with the architecture of the home, so the table was designed in a way to create flow and compliment it's surroundings.

We use 3/8" steel risers between the table top and steel base as to create the floating effect while also masking the bolts that secure the top to the base. A removable 5th leg was added to the center of the table for additional support, while 3 hidden welded steel beams run width-wise attaching to the outer length beams to create a solid/single frame.

The wood we used was hand picked by the client, a salvaged live edge walnut slab with a variety of colors, measuring over 13 feet in it's original form. Once leveled, the edges were carefully and precisely cut to fit atop the steel frame.

S H I P P I N G   &   D E L I V E R Y   //

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D I M E N S I O N S   //

Please check with us for availability before purchasing. Pricing outlined below is a range provided based off various pricing we can source slabs for. Each slab we come across is priced differently by our material suppliers, so there is no exact set price per size range. Upon providing a preferred dimensional range, we will send photos of raw slabs available for us to use for your build.

Starting Price   |   Under 5ft   |   54" - 58"L x 24" - 32"W   |   $3995+
*exact price dependent upon material availability*

X S M A L L   |   5 ft +   |   60" - 70"L x 24" - 48"W   |   $4595 - $4795
*scarce qty in larger widths*

S M A L L   |   6 ft+   |   72" - 82"L x 30" - 48"W   |   $4845- $5845
*scarce qty in larger widths*

M E D I U M   |   7 ft +   |   84" - 94"L x 30" - 48"W   |   $5895 - $7395
*scarce qty in larger widths*

L A R G E   |   8 ft +   |   96" - 106"L x 30" - 48"W   |   $7445 - $9445

X L A R G E   |   9 ft +   |   108" - 118"L x 30" - 48"W   |   $9495 - $11495

X X L A R G E   |   10 ft up to 14ft   |   120"+ x 30" - 48"W   |   please inquire for pricing

Listing Size (for reference)   |   144"L x 42"W x 30"H

S T E E L   F R A M E   //

The base is comprised of 2"x3" .083 rectangular steel. A layout jig is used for uniformity and fine-sanded corners make for a seamless joint. 

F I N I S H   U P G R A D E   O P T I O N S   ON   S T E EL   //

1.   STANDARD CARNAUBA WAX FINISH   |   As in Listing Photos   |   This will allow the color of the steel to remain natural and bright. The steel is ground and polished, followed by several applications of carnauba wax. We will supply you with application instructions and a small wax tin that should last about 5-10 years. Application is simple, rubbing a modest amount on, allowing it to dry, and then rubbing off the excess. 2 applications every few years for maximum effect. Not recommended for humid or coastal climates.
COST   |   +$0 (included)

2.   BLACK MAGIC PATINA FINISH WITH CARNAUBA WAX   |   This finish is going to give off a more industrial look, bringing the color of the legs to a deeper/darker grey. The process involves several hand-rubbed coats applied on the legs, allowing drying times between and repeating the process several times until the desired color is reached. This option is purely for aesthetic purpose, and would still require minimal upkeep with applying the carnauba wax as needed.
UPGRADE COST   |   starting at +$195

3.   CLEAR COAT FINISH   |   This will preserve the natural color of the steel, but will protect it from staining and rusting and requires no upkeep. The steel is ground and polished and will remain natural and bright.
UPGRADE COST   |   starting at +$245

4.   BLACK MAGIC PATINA FINISH + CLEAR COAT   |   This process combines the patina (to achieve the darker grey coloring for a more industrial look) and clear coat (to avoid future maintenance).
UPGRADE COST   |   starting at +$350

5.   POWDER-COAT FINISH   |   Powder-coating would allow us to achieve just about any color, matte or glossy. If you are unfamiliar with powder-coating, it is a free-flowing dry powder that is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a hard finish that it tougher than conventional paint. It's used mainly for coating auto parts, bike parts and outdoor furniture which require super durable and water resistant finishes. Colors are limitless, but typically our clients prefer a simple black powder-coat. We can arrange to have the legs professionally powder-coated by a pro steel shop in our neighborhood, who charges accordingly for different dimensions.
UPGRADE COST   |   starting at +$375

C H O O S I N G   THE   R I G H T   S I Z E   //

If you are unsure of the exact table size you'll need, consider the following basic guidelines:
-   First determine the maximum number of guests you wish to have room to seat
-   Provide each guest 24-30 inches of space at the dining table (chairs range from apprx 16-20" and require at least 6" of space on each side to allow guests to seat comfortably)
-   Add an extra 12 inches at each end for those seated at the head and foot of the table
-   Allow for at least 36 inches between the dining table and any walls or other furniture